Are Your Children Getting Enough Exercise?

If you think that your children might be putting on weight, or always seem to be under your feet at home, then it could be that they aren’t getting enough exercise.

Here’s why your children might need a gym more than you think.
1. Most children don’t get a lot of exercise at school. Despite having PE lessons, and running around the playground at lunch times, this isn’t always as much as they need. How much time do your children actually spend exercising during the week?

2. Many children are driven to school, and so don’t get the daily exercise that walking to school provides. Some parents will take their children to school in the car on their way to work, but others will do it rather because they or their children, are too lazy to walk.

3. As families have changed over the years, so have their living arrangements. Living in flats, or city centres means that not every home has a garden, or is quiet or suitable enough for children to play outside near home. This can explain why some children are not able to play outside.

4. A lot of parents will do anything for a quiet life, and thanks to advertising and peer pressure, children can easily consume too much unhealthy food. Combined with a lack of exercise, it’s not hard to see why so a many children are at risk of obesity, and related health conditions. Do your children get their 4 portions of fruit and vegetables a day?

5. Cooking has changed a lot over the years too. Family mealtimes are a rarity, and eating ready meals in front of the TV happens all too often. With a lot of fats and salt in meals, and a lack of home prepared meals, poor food choices affect everyone.

6. Many children prefer to be on the computer or play on games consoles rather than exercise. If you don’t mind your children spending so much time alone, or online, then perhaps you won’t mind if they become overweight.

7. If might be that you aren’t sporty. Maybe you’re not a football, rugby, or tennis fan, and that you don’t regularly go to the gym or out running or cycling. You should remember that you’re children are likely to emulate you, so if you think that it’s fine to spend all of your spare time in front of the TV, then your children will too.

8. Maybe your children don’t enjoy playing or watching traditional sports. What about seeing if they’d like to try something different? Not everyone is a gifted or keen footballer, cricketer, or swimmer, or likes playing tennis. Have you asked your children what other sports they might to try?

9. Because not all parent work 9-5, or can afford to stay at home with their children, it can often be that parents are working different and sometimes unsocial hours and weekends, and so can’t spend as much time with the children. This might mean that they can’t take their children to the park, or kick a football around with them as often as they’d like to.

10. Sometimes, there are no facilities nearby. It might be a long way to the park, or the sports centre. Why not see whether you could take your children to your gym when you go? This can instill the importance of healthy eating and encourage them to get more exercise as they grow up.
Now you know why so many children don’t get enough exercise, can you be sure that your children are?